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Volunteer Chaplaincy

Volunteer Chaplaincy

Walker, Citizens, and Shelby Baptist Medical Centers complement their full-time Pastoral Care Staff with Volunteer Chaplains. Volunteer Chaplains assist with routine visits and on-call coverage. The Volunteers are a diverse group representing a diverse patient population:

Southern Baptist, Presbyterian, Missionary Baptist, Catholic, United Methodist, Episcopalian, Non-Denominational, Church of God and others. They reside in Walker, Talladega, Shelby, Bibb, Chilton, and Jefferson Counties. Another Volunteer Chaplain from Venezuela has a unique ministry with our growing Spanish-speaking population.

Some of our Volunteers are Ordained and presently serving local congregations. Others have "retired" and are still active both in church and hospital ministry.

Our Volunteer Chaplains, much like our Volunteer Auxiliary, make invaluable contributions to our entire hospital population: patients, their families, and staff. Our staff also enjoys the presence and ministry of our Volunteer Chaplains. You definitely make note of it when the Volunteer comes onto the unit and an employee says with pride: "That's my pastor!"

All Volunteer Chaplains attend the General Hospital Orientation with New Employees and review Departmental Policies, Procedures and assignments with the Director of Pastoral Care. Walker, Citizens, and Shelby also provide opportunities for continuing education and training for their volunteers.

If you would like to learn more about opportunities for ministry as a Volunteer Chaplain, please contact:

  • Walker Baptist Medical Center
    Jim Corbett
  • Shelby Baptist Medical Center
    Gary Yarbrough
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