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CT Scans

Computerized Tomography (CT) Scans 

A CT Scan or "cat scan" is a procedure that images the body in cross-sections, and provides a very detailed look at internal structures and vessels. With a more in-depth view of the body, this test allows for an earlier diagnosis of diseases. CT scans provide a clearer more accurate picture of the patient's condition in only seconds.

CTA (CT angiography) procedures are used to evaluate vascular disease such as aneurysms, peripheral vascular disease and coronary artery disease. Citizen's newest generation of CT is Volume Computerized Tomography. VCT's 64-slice imaging technology offers greater image clarity, easier patient access and lower contrast dosage. Applications include 5-Beat CardiacTM for comprehensive views of the heart and arteries in just five heartbeats; Triple Rule Out that in one scan can rule out (or in) three of the most life threatening critical conditions in chest pain; Stroke Work-Up for rapid perfusion studies; and Cardiac Scoring, a unique test to measure calcium in coronary arteries, which adds to plaque build-up and increases risk for heart disease.

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