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EKG Services

Citizens Baptist provides a wide range of non-invasive cardiac services including Cardiac Stress Testing on a treadmill or chemically for patients that are unable to walk well. Holter Monitoring is available to assist physicians in recording abnormal beats of the heart that may occur outside the hospital while the patient is at work, exercising, or resting. The recording captures every beat of the patient's heart for 24 hours allowing the physician the ability to match symptoms with the actual heart rhythm at the time of the discomfort or event.

For patients that experience these symptoms more infrequently, Citizens Baptist has Event Monitoring available which allows the patient to wear a monitor for up to 30 days and at the "press" of a button, record the electrical activity of their heart when irregular beats or discomfort is felt.

For patients experiencing chest pain or planning to undergo surgery, we also offer 12 lead EKG's and Rhythm Strips to assist physicians in ruling out heart attacks or insure the heart is healthy enough for surgery.

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