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Radiology/Diagnostic Imaging Services

Citizens Baptist Medical Center recognizes that fast, accurate diagnosis is critically important to good medical care. Diagnostic care demands the support of a skilled staff and modern imaging and radiology technology to provide physicians the needed information to diagnose and plan individualized treatment.

To meet these demands requires a strong commitment – one that Citizens BMC has answered with more than $4 million of new diagnostic imaging equipment.  Our commitment continued with the installation of a new 64-slice VCT scanner in the fall of 2007.  This new technology provided us with the ability to do cardiac screening, arterial and venous imaging of all vessels with just a small injection of contrast.

The hospital’s new all-digital imaging technology is faster and providing more convenience for patients and physicians.  Digital imaging along with our Emageon PACS technology provides physicians with direct electronic access to their patients’ images and radiology reports, on-line, throughout the hospital as well as in their offices and at home.

Citizens Baptist Medical Centers Imaging Department strives to meet the needs of all its patients by providing advanced technology in a caring and comprehensive atmosphere. Citizens is committed in maintaining cutting edge technology by providing state of the art imaging procedures for the patients in Talladega county and the surrounding areas.
Citizens offers a totally digital Diagnostic Imaging Department which helps doctors diagnose disease with greater speed and confidence. Citizens offers MRI scanning with a GE Sigma 1.5 Telsa state of the art scanner. This scanner provides doctors at Citizens with highly detailed pictures of anatomy and pathology to help them evaluate a wide range of conditions, including cancer, stroke, and musculoskeletal abnormalities.

Other digital technology includes, Direct Digital Radiology (DR), Computed Radiology (CR) equipment, Digital mammography, Computer Assisted Diagnosis (CAD) Breast Checker for digital mammography, as well as ultrasound imaging. With this technology, physicians are given the opportunity to look beyond what the human eye can see to quickly and accurately diagnose patients.

The new total digital technology, along with the implementation of Emageon, our new PACS (Picture Archiving Computer System), allows for the physicians to have direct electronic access to their patient's images and radiology reports, on line, throughout the hospital, ICU, surgery, and in the ED. Physicians can also have access to this viewing solution in their office and/or at home, through a virtual private network (VPN).


Citizens Baptist Imaging offers a multitude of outpatient/inpatient diagnostic procedures including:

Hours of operation for scheduled outpatient procedures:
Monday-Friday 7 a.m. - 5 p.m. 

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