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Griffin Pharmacy is an onsite pharmacy located in Professional Office Building III. Hours of operation are Monday - Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. The phone number to Griffin Pharmacy is 205-785-1131. 

Their services include custom prescription compounding, home medical equipment, incontinent care products, home oxygen therapy and wound care supplies as well as a full service pharmacy. 

Staffed with certified pharmacists and caring professionals, they provide custom fitting of specialty items and prosthetics for cancer patients and durable medical supplies.

Pharmacy/Clinical Services 

  • ACLS Pharmacology Education
    Pharmacists provide classes for hospital professionals seeking certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support.
  • Adverse Drug Reaction Hotline
    This provides a centralized reporting of unexpected reactions to medications. It is available to physicians and nursing service.
  • Antibiotic Monitoring Service
    All orders are monitored for appropriate dosing based on pharmacokinetic characteristics, route, duration, serum level, and formulary compliance.
  • Clinical Pharmacy Specialistshave pharmacy residency training and provide consultation to prescribers regarding safe and effective medication management to ensure optimal outcomes with drug therapy.
  • Drug Information
    The pharmacy provides comprehensive information to professionals as well as patients.
  • Medication Use Evaluation Program
    Medication use is evaluated, reviewed and then presented to the Pharmacy Therapeutics and Human Use Committee (PTHUC).
  • Formulary Service
    The pharmacy maintains a list of medications that may be used by hospitalized patients.
  • Intravenous Admixture Service
    Princeton Pharmacy provides a complete and wide variety of admixtures for surgery, pain management, critical care and other modalities.
  • Medical Resident Education
    Educational activities are provided through lectures, rounds with Staff Medicine, and publications.
  • Medical Mission Support
    Several staff members are actively involved in providing medical aid to less fortunate populations.
  • Nursing In-services
    Lectures are tailored to meet nursing needs. Pharmacy works with nursing service to develop current topic in-services.
  • Metabolic Support Service
    The pharmacy follows specific nutritional needs of hospitalized patients. Recommendations are made on enteral and parenteral nutrition formulations, as well as appropriate laboratory analysis.
  • Patient Counseling/Classes
    Patients and family members are taught about their medications as required. Also classes are offered for some patient groups, such as diabetics.
  • Pharmacokinetic Consults
    Certain medications require a high degree of monitoring. Pharmacy provides services to ensure these medications are dosed in a safe and effective manner.
  • Pharmacy Student intern/extern/clinical program
    Through cooperation with schools of pharmacy, Princeton provides educational and practical experience for students as they progress toward graduation.
  • Long Term Care Consultation
    The pharmacy provides consultation for the extended care facility at Princeton.
  • Unit Dose/Automated Dispensing
    The pharmacy supplies unit dose medications to all units through medication dispensing machines throughout the hospital. Physician orders are transmitted and filed in pharmacy using a physician order management system.

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For more information regarding Princeton Baptist's Pharmacy and Clinical Services program, call us at 1-877-2BAPTIST.

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