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Physicians Fulfilling Their Mission

Princeton offers numerous venues for physicians to fulfill their personal and professional missions.  Avenues of support include continuing education, teaching opportunities through the residency program, participation on governing bodies and clinical research complement a vital health ministry to offer physicians significant opportunities for professional enrichment.

As the founding hospital of Baptist Health System, Princeton serves as a cornerstone for the organization's ministry as a witness to the love of God.

Princeton takes to heart its role as a faith-based ministry, and prayer is an accepted practice as part of the hospital's healing ministry.

Cardiologist Tom Cawthon, M.D.: Praying with Our Patients


"Princeton physicians have found satisfaction through participation in overseas' medical missions. Closer to home, many provide medical care to the indigent through the M-Power ministries, the Bible Belt Health Initiative and other programs for those in need. Many of these ventures enjoy support from Baptist Health Foundation.

Many Princeton physicians find their professional fulfillment to be enhanced through a shared health ministry with Princeton Baptist Medical Center."

 Surgeon John Mathews, M.D.:

"I have a unique opportunity to utilize my gifts as a surgeon in service to my fellow man here at Princeton along with other Christians in various disciplines.                   

Over the years I have witnessed the results of prayer as we continually ask the Lord's blessing for our surgical patients and their procedures.

Orthopedic Surgeon Theodis Buggs, M.D.:

"I became a physician to have an impact on people's lives - not just physically, but emotionally and spiritually. A patient isn't just a blood pressure or a broken bone. In my practice as a physician, I want to provide care to the whole person.  If they want to talk about their mother's cancer or their grandson's Little League success, I'm there for them.

My mission as a physician is being achieved through my association with Princeton and its ministry to enhance the health, dignity and wholeness of those we serve."         

Cardiologist Allan Wilensky, M.D., co-founder of the Princeton Heart Institute and former Princeton Medical Staff President: 

"I had already committed my emotional and professional life to Princeton. I have never wavered in my love and support for Princeton, and it has been a wonderfully symbiotic relationship...

There is indeed a family environment and shared sense of responsibility among the staff at Princeton, and this fosters fierce loyalty and love for Princeton and its physicians, nurses and all personnel at Princeton."

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