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Innovations and Firsts

Princeton has a reputation as leader and innovator in cardiac care. This distinction grows as we pioneer new technologies and services to meet the needs of patients. Among these innovations are:

  • Princeton cardiovascular surgeons introduced a videoscopic saphenous vein harvesting technique to allow open-heart surgery patients a less invasive procedure and a faster recovery.
  • A new approach to cardiac catheterization was introduced at Princeton to offer a less painful, more convenient method by threading the catheter to the patient's heart through the wrist - also called "radial access". 
  • Princeton was the first hospital in Alabama to begin research in angiogenesis, a procedure to attempt the creation of new blood vessels instead of bypass surgery for patients with cardiac or peripheral artery disease. Click here to read a Birmingham Magazine article on the study.
  • Cardiovascular surgeons at Princeton were among the first in the US to use an advanced stentless heart valve that could be trimmed to more closely fit a patient's heart. With blood flow restored to near normal levels, patients could avoid prolonged use of anti-clotting medication. 
  • Princeton cardiovascular surgeons introduced transmyocardial laser revascularization (TMLR) in Alabama to treat coronary artery disease patients who suffer from severe, stable angina, who are not candidates for conventional techniques. Also known as the heart laser system, the procedure creates new channels in the heart to restore blood flow.
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