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Geriatric Behavioral Health

Princeton Baptist is taking the lead in the Birmingham area, providing mental health services exclusively designed for older adults. The Geriatric Behavioral Health unit at Princeton is a program devoted to taking care of patients aged 65 and older who need help with depression, dementia or other mental health problems.

As individuals age they experience the loss of loved ones along with the stresses that go with losing physical and mental abilities. A changing lifestyle and increased physical challenges can lead to sadness and withdrawal. However persistent personality change or unusual behavior may indicate a loved one is suffering from a mental illness such as depression, anxiety or dementia.

Signs and symptoms
Signs and symptoms that a loved one may be experiencing an emotional illness include:

- Insomnia or too much sleep

- Unusual behavior

- Poor appetite or overeating

- Disregard for personal appearance

- Impaired judgment

- Suicidal thoughts

- Forgetfulness, confusion or disorientation

- Trouble completing ordinary tasks 

Our approach

Princeton offers individualized care in a supportive atmosphere. Our team makes a thorough evaluation to determine the cause of the behavioral and mental changes. We also check for underlying medical or biochemical origins. We then work with the patient, family and other health professionals to develop a treatment plan. Treatment includes individual meetings with psychiatrists, trained counselors and social workers can help with all aspects of a person's life.

Our services

- Free confidential initial consultation to determine the appropriate level of care

- Follow-up care to ensure that the improvements made are long lasting

- Management of a patient's secondary medical needs

- 24-bed inpatient unit

- 15-slot intensive outpatient program

Based on evaluation results, we develop a comprehensive treatment plan which includes counseling, teaching new ways to adapt to both illness and stress and mental illness education. We also determine the appropriate level of medication for the patient and teach how to use medication appropriately. All of these therapies are designed to help the patient return home and back to their lives as quickly as possible.


Our staff, which includes registered nurses, licensed practical nurses, social workers, activity therapists and psychiatric technicians work to provide individualized treatment for each patient.


Admissions are accepted 24 hours a day and referrals may be made by physicians, psychologists, social workers, mental health professionals, social service agencies, family members or friends. Admission decisions are made by a psychiatrist.

Contact us

Our staff may be contacted 24 hours a day at 205-783-3650 for more information or to schedule a free consultation.

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