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Wound Care

A Specialized Team Approach
At Baptist Wound Care and Hyperbaric Medicine at Princeton, all we do is provide care for people with wounds that have resisted healing. We do this through a team approach utilizing the most current evidence-based medical practices. Our medical team consists of doctors, podiatrists, surgeons, nurses and a vascular technician who combine years of experience and a broad range of skills and knowledge to provide care for your wound. Although many people with diabetes have non-healing wounds you don't have to be a diabetic to seek help with us.

Your First Visit
Patients are seen by appointment only. Before your treatment begins, doctors and nurses will evaluate your wound and review your medical history and general health. The doctor may order tests to provide more information about your wound.

Your Treatment Plan
Once the test results are in, our team will develop a treatment plan based on your specific needs. Healing of your wound will be evaluated at each follow-up visit. Your treatment plan will involve visits to the clinic to provide treatment, monitor healing and make any changes needed according to your progress. You and your caregiver will also be instructed in caring for your wound at home, dressing (bandage) changes and ways to protect the wound from further injury.

You are the Most Important Part of Our Team
Under the guidance of the professionals at the clinic, to a large degree, the healing process is in your own hands. Carefully following the treatment plan improves your chances for a good outcome. You will need to keep all appointments, follow directions carefully and watch your progress closely. Anytime you have questions about treatment or progress, remember the staff is available to answer questions and provide help.

Baptist Wound Care and Your Doctor
The clinic only treats wounds, so you will continue to see your regular doctor for all routine medical care. We will communicate with your doctor and discuss your treatment and progress. Your physician is a vital part of the entire team approach to healing your wound. We have the capability to provide digital photos of the progress of your healing to your physician electronically.

Your Insurance
Many health insurance plans will pay for wound care treatment. Be sure to bring your insurance cards with you when you visit.

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