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"For it was you who formed my inward parts; you knit me together in my mother's womb. I praise you, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made. Wonderful are your works; that I know very well.... Search me, O God, and know my heart."  Psalm 139:13, 14, 23

Shelby Baptist Medical Center's Diagnostic Center offers patients high tech imaging technology while maintaining a patient-first mindset. With advanced equipment, caring staff and the convenience of "one-stop shopping", Shelby's Diagnostic Center strives to provide great customer service while meeting your imaging needs.

The Diagnostic Center is located near the Women's Center at Shelby Baptist. To learn more about SBMC's diagnostic services, click one of the following links:

Definition Dual Source CT System - A new breakthrough in CT (Computed Tomography) technology, using two X-ray sources in the same scanner, is enabling physicians at Shelby Baptist Medical Center to quickly obtain clearer images of the beating heart. Shelby Baptist is the first facility in Alabama to offer the Definition Dual Source CT System from Siemens Medical Solutions, which produces precise images, without the need for most patients to take medications to slow the heart.

The dual source capabilities of the Definition enable Shelby Baptist's physicians to examine patients with elevated or irregular heart rates without having to first administer beta blocker medication which reduces the heart rate. With other CT scanners, patients must first take beta blockers to slow the heart prior to the x-ray, since the motion of the beating heart can cause blurred images. The waiting time for the beta blocker to take effect typically exceeds one hour. The new Definition Dual Source may complete a scan in less time than it takes the heart to beat, which may enable physicians to capture motion-free images without beta blockers. The Definition Dual Source has significantly reduced patient preparation time that was traditionally needed.

The Definition Dual Source has helped make advanced cardiac CT exams accessible to patients at Shelby Baptist who were not previously eligible because of conditions that preclude the use of beta blockers, such as patients who have asthma, chronic bronchitis, emphysema or other conditions that affect breathing. Beta blockers may make these conditions worse by narrowing the air passages in the lungs. The Definition Dual Source may also help reduce the need for invasive diagnostic cardiac procedures, such as cardiac catheterization, in which a catheter is threaded through a blood vessel in the groin or arm to the heart.

Physicians at Shelby Baptist may be able to use the Definition Dual Source to help make a faster and more confident diagnosis in emergency and acute care settings, particularly in examining patients with acute chest pain, abdominal pain, and suspicion of stroke. A more defined image quality may be obtained when examining patients who are obese, short of breath or who have elevated heart rates.

While the Definition Dual Source uses two X-ray sources and offers twice the imaging power, it subjects patients to as much as 50 percent less radiation exposure than the most advanced single-source CT systems. This is because the speed of the system allows the physician at Shelby Baptist to obtain the images in half the time, and physicians can use special software that automatically reduces radiation to the lowest dose possible to the patient.

The Definition Dual Source has enhanced capabilities not previously available from diagnostic imaging technology, which are expected to lead to new breakthroughs in clinical research. The dual source capabilities provide physicians the ability to perform exams at two different X-ray energy levels, which allows them to obtain diverse information about the anatomy in a single scan. Because X-ray energies interact differently with bone and soft tissue, physicians may be able use the Definition Dual Source to better differentiate and isolate these areas. Physicians may be able to further characterize and distinguish plaque, an early indicator of heart disease, and tumors in diagnostic oncology treatments.   (Back To Top)

Multi-Slice CT - Shelby's 16 slice CT scanner provides quick scan times and a comfortable setting. Multi-slice CT scanning enables Shelby the ability to provide additional CT applications while providing great customer service to the patient.    (Back To Top)


Mammography - Shelby's fully digital mammography uses CAD (Computer Assisted Detection) for routine screening or diagnostic mammography studies. The CAD helps our Radiologists to identify areas of concern and recommend additional studies to further identify suspicious areas within the breast tissue. (Back To Top) 



 Stereotactic Biopsy - If a suspicious area is found, a stereotactic biopsy may be performed to determine if the area is benign or cancerous. The stereotactic biopsy, using either mammography or ultrasound guidance, is performed within the Mammography department and enables our physicians to remove a portion of the suspicious area with a needle for confirmation of tissue abnormality.  An alternate biopsy procedure may be advised using a 2 step process.  The first step in the biopsy, which is performed within the Mammography department, is needle localization of the suspicious area. Using Ultrasound or mammography guidance and local anesthetic, the Radiologist inserts a needle wire directly into the suspicious area.  In the second step, the patient is moved to the surgical suite and sedated.  The surgeon will then remove the tissue around the wire, assuring the accurate excision of tissue is performed.  The tissue is then assessed for tissue type and abnormality. (Back To Top)

Ultrasound - Diagnostic Ultrasound is offered for general study and obstetrics at Shelby Baptist Medical Center. This procedure is a non-invasive, virtually painless method of evaluating soft tissue. It is a widely used medical practice that physicians can use to assist with diagnoses of patients. (Back To Top)



Radiology - Full service Diagnostic Radiology services including x-ray, fluoroscopy, and bone densitometry.  Special procedures, as well as plain x-rays, can be performed including arthrograms, swallowing studies, barium studies or gynecological studies. 


3T MRI -Shelby Baptist Medical Center is the only healthcare facility in Shelby County who offers a 3.0 Tesla (3T) MRI. Shelby's 3T MRI has TIM (Total Imaging Matrix) technology, offers faster speed, advanced image detail, a shorter bore and wider opening and offers more flexible imaging power.  Generally, 3T studies of the hip, leg or foot allows the patient to enter the MRI feet first, maintaining the patient's head outside of the MRI throughout the length of the exam.  The 3T opens new doors to advanced studies including spine, abdominal, brain and orthopedic applications.  Shelby's 3T has twice the magnetic strength of a standard MRI and produces high tech images to assist physicians in making more accurate diagnoses. (Back To Top)

Open MRI - Shelby Baptist Medical Center has the only Open MRI (Magnetic Resonance Imaging) in Shelby County. Patients have an open field of view, a wider opening, and a pleasant setting with a window in the MRI room. And, if your  child requires an MRI, parents are generally allowed to sit in the room with the child for the extent of the MRI.  Shelby's Open MRI is constructed for better patient satisfaction with multiple study capabilities, offering patients high tech imaging in a comfortable environment. (Back To Top)

Neuroscience -The Neuroscience Department at Shelby Baptist Medical Center can conduct numerous studies including EEG (Electroencephalogram), which is a brain wave test. It is used to detect abnormalities in the electrical activity of the brain. An EEG can help diagnose seizure disorders, head injuries and causes of unconsciousness. The Neuroscience Department also performs Nerve Conduction Velocity studies (NCV) and Electromyelography studies (EMG) which aid in detecting nerve disorders. (Back To Top)

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