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Venous Veins

Over 25 million Americans suffer daily with painful, swollen legs as a result of venous disease. Called venous insufficiency, this condition is the result of faulty valves in the veins and is usually associated with bulging, ropy varicose veins. In a healthy vein, there are one way valves that allow the blood to move toward the heart, but not away. In a diseased vein, these valves do not work properly, allowing the blood to fall downward in between heartbeats.

This back and forth motion of blood leads to an increased venous blood pressure resulting in inflammation of the tissues around the vein. This inflammation can cause leg pain, swelling, bulging varicose veins, heaviness, restlessness, cramps, skin discoloration, numbness, tingling, ulcers, and blood clots. Left untreated, this condition only worsens over time.

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