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Geriatric Outpatient Program


Walker Baptist's Geriatric Outpatient Program is dedicated to helping reduce emotional pain and mental stress by offering treatments that focus on restoring emotional and mental well-being.

Senior adults must deal with the loss of loved ones, learn to cope with serious illnesses, decreasing  physical abilities, problems with memory, loneliness and decreasing independence.

Free assessments are available by calling 387-4441.Transportation is provided as needed and diet-specific hot lunches are also included. Services are reimbursable by Medicare and Medicaid.

Our team of professionals offers supportive, compassionate care in a therapeutic setting with licensed counselors providing group and individual therapy. Medical direction is provided by a board certified psychiatrist.


Who can refer?

Family, facility, caregiver, nursing & assisted living homes, adult protective services, pastors, counselors, primary care physicians, hospital social workers and or physicians, psychiatrists, pharmacists or anyone concerned about a senior adult's emotional well-being.


Experiencing any of the following symptoms?

- Sadness

- Loneliness

- Hopelessness

- Helplessness

- Anxiety

- Mood swings

- Excessive worry

- Loss of interest in normal activities

- Feelings of suspiciousness

- Changes in appetite or sleep patterns

- Difficulties in relationships

- Withdrawing or isolating

- Inability to function

- Frequent tearfulness

- Inattention to personal hygiene

- Problems with memory

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