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Senior Care Unit


The Senior Care Unit is designed for older individuals with a geriatric lifestyle who are experiencing mental, emotional or behavioral problems.

Treatment is available without restrictions regarding sex, religion, race or residency. Our staff is dedicated to the protection of patient rights and the maintenance of confidentiality while a patient is on our unit.

The Senior Care Unit at Walker Baptist is dedicated to assisting older adults in maximizing their ability to function independently thereby enhancing their quality of life. Services provided to senior adults in our unit are endorsed by Medicare.

Our goal is to maintain and enhance the patient's self-respect during every phase of treatment. For admission information please call 205-387-4874.


Recovery for Senior Adults

Aging can present unique mental health needs and life challenges that older adults often find difficult to overcome. The Senior Care Unit assists older adults and their families in understanding and learning to cope with these problems related to the aging process. Our goal is to maintain and enhance the patient's self-respect during every phase of treatment.


A Comprehensive Approach to Healing

We take a holistic view through the assessment and treatment of the physical, emotional, spiritual and lifestyle changes that come with age. Care is administered through our clinical team of professionals lead by a geriatric psychiatrist and consisting of nurses, social workers and technicians who are specially trained in psychiatric care. 

We place great value upon family involvement in the treatment process by urging family members to participate as much as possible in the program we provide. Throughout treatment our social worker will maintain contact with the family and arrange for family therapy as needed. We believe that a patient's recovery is enhanced when the family participates in the treatment process.


Signs and Symptoms

Here are some signs and symptoms that may indicate a need for treatment:

- Depressed mood, extreme sadness or irritability

- Feeling useless, helpless, hopeless

- Personality changes over time

- Unexplained physical ailments

- Changes in eating and sleeping patterns

- Extreme fluctuation in weight

- Changes in energy level

- Loss of interest in appearance

- Increasing difficulty remembering ordinary things

- Confused thinking, difficulty concentrating, disorientation

- Excessive fears, anxieties, suspiciousness

- Feeling rejected by others

- Withdrawal from family, friends, and others

- Hearing voices or imagining things that do not exist

- Needing more medication than should be necessary for a physical condition

- Refusal to take needed medication

- Suicidal thoughts

- Growing inability to cope with daily living


Help is Only a Phone Call Away

Our treatment team stands ready to assess the extent of these problems and to provide a pathway to restoration and renewal. Free confidential assessments are available to help the individual, family and/or facility determine if there is a need for our services. The assessment is performed by a registered nurse in consultation with the medical director and a referral made to the unit or another appropriate source of help. To arrange for an assessment for admission please call our unit at 205-387-4874.


Upon Discharge

Our goal is to help maintain the progress made while in the Senior Care Program. The treatment team will work closely with the patient and family to develop an aftercare plan. This plan will include the most appropriate living arrangement for the patient after discharge. A community based program, assisted living facility, personal home care or nursing home may be suggested and our staff will assist the patient and family in making necessary arrangements.

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