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Rehab Services
Rehab Services

Rehab Services at Walker Baptist is comprised of three areas: occupational, physical and speech therapy. Each specialized area offers an individualized treatment plan to meet the patients' specific rehabilitation needs.

Both inpatient and outpatient rehab services are provided at Walker Baptist by a trained staff of therapists and therapy assistants.

Occupational Therapy

The goal of occupational therapy is to return the patient to a more independent lifestyle following an accident, illness or surgery.  Occupational therapy offers a program developed for individual patient needs.  This may include self-care, activities of daily living, feeding, grooming, toileting, and homemaking skills.  Occupational therapy involves  perceptual and coordination training, hand splinting, and providing adaptive equipment. 

Occupational therapy includes: 

  • Fine and gross motor control development
  • Upper extremity strengthening
  • Sensation improvement (relearning tactile skills)
  • Self-help aids:  training in the use of simple equipment, such as large-handled spoons
  • Cognitive training:  redevelopment of simple reasoning and sequencing ability
  • Upper extremity splinting
  • Work Conditioning/Functional Capacity Evaluations

Physical Therapy


Physical therapy improves mobility, function, and independence.  The physical therapy plan includes an individually designed program for patients of all ages and diagnosis.  Physical Therapy can have a dramatic and positive impact on the quality of life for an individual.

Physical therapy includes:

  • Therapeutic exercise for strength and mobility training
  • Gait training, balance, endurance
  • Mobilization of restricted joints, muscles
  • Pain management, acute and chronic
  • Prosthetic training/neuromuscular re-education








Speech is a very important part of who we are.  Stroke may affect a person's ability to speak.  Through research and therapeutic techniques, great strides have been made to enhance articulation, muscle function, and language abilities.

Speech therapy includes:

  • Receptive communication skills assessment and training
  • Expressive communication skills assessment and training
  • Alternate methods of communication
  • Aphasia treatment
  • Dysphasia treatment (swallowing)
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