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Womens Services

The Walker Baptist Family Center was redesigned and expanded in 2006 to reflect a more modern, softer environment, which is more inviting for the birthing experience.

The redesign and expansion of the obstetric/gynecology and nursery unit totaled over $2.5 million in construction, equipment and new furnishings. The birth of a child is one of life's most miraculous events, and Walker Baptist has a facility to reflect that. 

"I am excited about the Family Center at Walker Baptist. Our home-like surroundings gives our patients the opportunity to deliver their babies in a comfortable atmosphere as luxurious as anything in Birmingham, yet still be in Jasper where family and friends are close by and can easily visit," said Dan McLaury, M.D. 

The entire Family Center has been redesigned to include the five Labor/Delivery/Recovery (LDR) rooms, nursing stations, pre-operative and post-operative areas and patient rooms. For the family and friends, the lobby and waiting area is a dramatic improvement with a coffee station, new seating, carpet with inlays and new wood-grained vinyl flooring. 

The nursery, with approximately 1500 square feet, is more functional and efficient than before. The viewing windows are relocated on the main hall and are lower to be family friendly. The online nursery allows patients with out-of-town family and friends to view photographs of newborn babies and enjoy this wonderful experience along with the parents. An electronic security system has been installed to insure the safety of the babies. 

In addition to an enhanced electronic security system, a new centralized fetal monitor system has also been installed. This new monitoring system allows the mother and baby, while in labor, to be monitored from any nurses' station on the unit, and allows monitoring from her physician's office, via a secured internet line giving the family more privacy during this special time.

"The physicians at Family Health Associates have always considered quality OB/GYN care a top priority, and this has always been provided in this area.  Women have never had to travel out of the area for access to state of the art care," said Judson W. Smith, M. D. "With this state of the art family center at Walker Baptist, our physicians can provide the facilities and comfort equivalent to any in the area."  

In addition to the LDR suites, four larger post-partum suites were converted from eight regular size rooms. These suites offer hotel-like amenities and an up-to-date, progressive environment for larger families to enjoy the birthing experience. 

"Jasper is a hidden treasure that many people do not have a clue about. The Family Center at Walker Baptist helps make that fact known by creating a freshness, a newness and a positive focus on women's health, especially the birthing process and gynecological needs," said Roy L. Sims, M.D. "Gone are the days when you felt you had to drive to Birmingham for cutting edge healthcare. Women of Walker County and the surrounding areas, along with their families, now have the facilities in their own back yard, easing the burden of traveling during this celebrated or emergency event."

"The Family Center gives Walker Baptist the space, the facilities, the décor and the environment to offer an exceptional birthing experience to families in the area," said Patty Poe, Vice President of Patient Care for Walker Baptist. "We invite everyone to visit the unit and experience it for themselves."


Prenatal Education Programs
All classes are lead by a certified prenatal educator and are held on the campus of Walker Baptist. For more information or to register for one of the classes below call 205-387-4858.

Early Pregnancy Class

Mothers and their support team need to enroll and attend in the first trimester or the first -  three months of their pregnancy; or as soon as their pregnancy is confirmed.  In this class you will learn about: 

  • nutrition for a healthy pregnancy,
  • changes the mother will go through during pregnancy,
  • normal discomforts of pregnancy and how to deal with them and
  • warning signs of when to notify your physician.  

This class stresses the point of "Healthier Pregnancy, Healthier Baby"

Prepared Childbirth Class

This is a four-week series that meets for two hours, once a week on Monday or Thursday nights.  In this class Mom and her support team will learn about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and infant care.

We also discuss exercises, relaxation, and medications to assist Mom with the labor and delivery process. Our goal is to decrease Mom and her support team's anxiety by giving them an idea of what to expect.  A tour of The Family Center is also included in the class.   

Breast Feeding Class

This class is to help Mom answer questions and sort through the myths about breastfeeding.  It discusses the benefits of breastfeeding for both Mom and baby, breastfeeding techniques are taught, as well as, plans for returning to work, and begins a support group for mothers choosing to breast feed.

New Parent CPR (Infant CPR)

This course trains individuals to recognize and properly care for life-threatening and cardiac emergencies for newborns to 12 months of age.

To schedule a class please call 205-387-4858.

Steps Ahead Program 
Steps Ahead Medicaid Maternity Program for Walker and Winston Counties is based out of Walker Baptist and is a required for all pregnant women receiving Medicaid. 

Steps Ahead nurses follow expectant mothers throughout their pregnancy and answer any questions they may have regarding pregnancy and labor and delivery process. A great deal of education is offered regarding normal and abnormal pregnancy issues, child development and parenting skills. The nurses offer counsel and encourage smoking and/or drug cessation sessions if there is a need. Grief counseling for mother is also available in the event of the loss of an infant, child or immediate family member. 

Assistance with transportation, shelter, clothing, food, or utilities is also available if needed throughout the pregnancy. The Steps Ahead Program has referral resources available for patients to obtain assistance when needed. For more information about the Steps Ahead Program, email us or call 205-387-4646.

Breast Center
The Walker Baptist Breast Center located in suite 218 of the Medical Arts Tower offers women in the area the most modern digital mammography equipment available to patients today.  

The digital mammography equipment is conveniently located on the second floor of the Medical Arts Tower in the new Walker Breast Center. This suite boast a beautiful, and more comfortable environment to provide patients with state-of-the-art mammograms that are faster and easier than ever before, while giving physicians with highly detailed images to use in providing a diagnosis. In addition to digital mammography the Walker Breast Center also offers stereotactic breast biopsies in this same comfortable environment.

According to a staff member, "Walker Baptist's physicians and the patients in this area have a powerful tool in the detection and fight against breast cancer. This all-digital system is revolutionizing breast care and is now being offered in an attractive and restful environment of the Walker Breast Center."

"This digital technology helps us provide the most advanced care for our patients by providing clear, high-detailed breast images, which is the first step towards an accurate diagnosis and getting a patient on the proper treatment plan to good health," said Kay Laney, Director of Imaging Services for Walker Baptist. 

The Walker Breast Center is located is Suite 218 of the Medical Arts Tower and is now making appointments for digital mammograms. To schedule a mammogram call 205-387-4900, but remember a physician's order is required.

Stereotactic Breast Biopsy
Walker Baptist is now offering minimally invasive, computer assisted, stereotactic breast biopsies. Stereotactic breast biopsy is an alternative to open or surgical biopsy. A sample of suspect breast tissue is precisely located with a computer guided imaging system or digital mammogram and removed with a needle. This procedure is completed on an outpatient basis, in the Walker Breast Center, with a minimal amount of discomfort and recovery time.

"We are fortunate to have one of the most advanced breast biopsy systems available right here in Jasper," said Dr. Carol Adams. "As a surgeon, I am able to offer my patients the most optimal breast diagnostic procedures in the country."




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